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IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle is a highly advanced bullpup rifle, representing the next generation in firearm technology from IWI US, Inc. This impressive firearm is an enhanced and upgraded version of its predecessor, the Tavor SAR. With its sleek design and improved features, the Tavor X95 offers unparalleled performance that is second to none.

Available exclusively at, this cutting-edge rifle combines exceptional design with top-of-the-line functionality. Its innovative bullpup configuration provides superior balance and maneuverability while maintaining a compact overall length. The integration of user-friendly controls ensures ease of use, making it suitable for both experienced shooters and novices alike.

Featuring an ergonomic grip and comfortable shoulder rest, the Tavor X95 allows for intuitive handling and optimal shooting accuracy. Its semi-automatic action enables rapid follow-up shots with minimal recoil, giving users a distinct advantage in various shooting scenarios.

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle
IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle


This remarkable rifle also boasts significant improvements over the original Tavor SAR. Upgrades include a modular forend with M-LOK attachment points for accessory customization, as well as an enhanced trigger mechanism for improved shooting precision. Every detail has been meticulously designed to enhance performance and provide an unmatched shooting experience.

Whether used for recreational shooting or professional applications, the IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle delivers reliability, versatility, and exceptional quality. Visit today to experience firsthand the capabilities of this extraordinary firearm from IWI US, Inc.

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle DETAILS

1. The IWI Tavor X95 offers a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces or for extended periods of use.
2. It features a bullpup configuration, which allows for a shorter overall length without sacrificing barrel length, resulting in improved handling and accuracy.
3. The rifle is chambered in popular centerfire calibers such as 5.56mm NATO or 9mm, offering versatility and compatibility with readily available ammunition.
4. It incorporates upgrades and enhancements from the original Tavor SAR, including an improved trigger system and ambidextrous controls for increased usability.
5. Being semi-automatic, the X95 offers rapid follow-up shots without the need for manual cycling between rounds.

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

Cons:IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

1. Some users may find the bullpup configuration less intuitive initially, requiring adjustment to the rearward placement of the magazine and controls.
2. The compact design may result in a shorter sight radius compared to traditional rifles, potentially affecting long-range accuracy for some shooters.
3. As with any firearm purchase, availability may vary depending on local laws and regulations regarding semiautomatic rifles.
4. Accessories and aftermarket support might be more limited compared to more widely used rifles due to its relatively
  • Type: Closed Rotating Bolt
  • Series/Collection: Tavor X95
  • Action: Semi-Automatic, Gas Piston
  • Magazine Type: NATO Stanag
  • Stock Type: Bullpup Configuration
  • Magazine Capacity: 10
  • Caliber/Gauge: 223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO
  • Twist Rate: 1:7″
  • Orientation: Right
  • Safety: Lever
  • Sight: Folding Front with Tritium Insert and Rear
  • Barrel Material: Cold Hammer Forged Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • Receiver Material: Steel
  • Stock Material: Reinforced Polymer
  • Barrel Finish: Chrome
  • Stock Finish: Black
  • Barrel Length: 16-1/2″
  • Overall Length: 26-1/8″
  • Weight: 7.9 lb
  • Magazine Material: Polymer
  • Number of Grooves: 6

FEATURES IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle is the next generation bullpup from IWI US, Inc. upgrades and enhancements from the original Tavor SAR include a new fire control pack with a 5 to 6 lb trigger pull, repositioning of the ambidextrous mag release to an AR-15 location,

a forearm with Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with removable rail covers, relocation of the charging handle closer to your centre mass, a modular Tavor style pistol grip that can be swapped out to a standard pistol grip with traditional trigger guard and a smaller, lower profile bolt release button.

The IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle represents a significant step forward in the evolution of bullpup firearms. Developed by IWI US, Inc., this next generation rifle builds upon the success and advancements made with the original Tavor SAR.

Offering a range of upgrades and enhancements, the Tavor X95 sets itself apart as a cutting-edge firearm that combines versatility, reliability, and innovation.

One of the standout features of the Tavor X95 is its ergonomic design. The bullpup configuration allows for a compact overall length while maintaining a full-length barrel, resulting in improved maneuverability without sacrificing accuracy.

This makes it an ideal choice for various environments such as close quarters combat or tactical situations where mobility is essential. Furthermore, IWI US has incorporated user-friendly enhancements into the X95, including an ambidextrous magazine release and charging handle for increased adaptability and ease of use.

Available at, the IWI Tavor X95 stands out as a powerhouse in its class. Its semi-automatic capabilities combined with its advanced features make it a reliable firearm suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. With continuous advancements in technology and design from IWI US, Inc., it is evident that the Tavor SAR was just the beginning of their commitment to producing top-of-the-line bullpup rifles that push boundaries and redefine standards in the industry.

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle Features:

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IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle Tags

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WI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle Weapons

Introducing the game-changing IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle! Are you ready to experience the next generation of bullpup rifles? Look no further than IWI US, Inc., the trusted name in firearm innovation. With upgraded features and enhancements from the original Tavor SAR, this rifle is a force to be reckoned with.


Picture yourself holding the powerful IWI Tavor X95. Its sleek design and compact size make it perfect for maneuvering through tight spaces while maintaining superior accuracy. Whether you’re a professional shooter or an avid enthusiast, this rifle will meet and exceed your expectations.


Imagine the thrill of firing round after round effortlessly with its semi-automatic capability. The Tavor X95’s advanced technology ensures smooth and reliable operation, giving you more time to focus on hitting your targets. With its enhanced ergonomics, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort during extended shooting sessions.

Action:IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own the revolutionary IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle. Head over to now to secure yours today. Our limited stock won’t last long!

Take advantage of our competitive prices and convenient online shopping experience. Trust in IWI US, Inc.’s commitment to excellence and join the ranks of satisfied customers who have already experienced the power and precision of the Tavor X95.

Upgrade your shooting game with the best – choose the IWI Tavor X95

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The IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle is like the latest model of a luxury car, with upgraded features and enhancements from its predecessor.

The IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle is akin to the newest smartphone on the market, offering improved functionality and enhancements compared to its previous version.

Think of the IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle as an upgraded version of a high-performance sports bike, with enhanced features and improvements over its predecessor for superior performance.

More About IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle

The IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle is a revolutionary firearm that has set the industry standard for bullpup rifles. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Tavor X95 is truly the next generation in this category of firearms. Manufactured by IWI US, Inc., this rifle boasts several upgrades and enhancements from its predecessor, the Tavor SAR.

One of the standout features of the Tavor X95 is its compact size and lightweight construction. The bullpup design allows for a shorter overall length while maintaining a full-length barrel, making it perfect for maneuverability in tight spaces. This makes it an excellent choice for law enforcement officers or military personnel who often find themselves operating in close quarters.

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Another notable improvement on the Tavor X95 is its enhanced ergonomics. The rifle’s ambidextrous controls ensure that both left-handed and right-handed shooters can easily operate it with equal precision and comfort. Additionally, the redesigned pistol grip provides superior grip control, further enhancing accuracy during firing.

Overall, the IWI Tavor X95 Semi-Automatic Centerfire Rifle stands as a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in firearm design. Its upgrades and enhancements from the original Tavor SAR make it an exceptional choice for those seeking reliable performance combined with cutting-edge technology. To experience firsthand what sets this rifle apart from others in its class, visit to explore all that this remarkable firearm has to offer.

IWI Tavor X95
The IWI Tavor X95 is an Israeli bullpup attack rifle planned and delivered by Israel Weapon Enterprises as a component of the Tavor rifle family, alongside the TAR-21 and the Tavor 7. IWI US offers the rifle in a self-loader just setup as the ‘Tavor X95’.

The Tavor X95 is the cutting edge bullpup from IWI. Overhauls and improvements from the first TAVOR SAR incorporate another fire control load with a 5-6 lb. trigger draw, repositioning of the able to use both hands mag delivery to an AR-15 area, a lower arm with Picatinny jumps all over the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions with removable rail covers, migration of the charging handle nearer to your middle mass, a measured Tavor style single handed grip that can be traded out to a standard single handed grip with conventional trigger gatekeeper and a more modest, lower profile bolt discharge button.

Tavor X95 Highlights
The charging handle was exceptionally simple to access and you don’t need to break your hold while doing this. Ambi controls are regularly a flimsy spot on a bullpup rifle, yet this able to use both hands charging handle was perfect for lefties. It is likewise a non-reacting to charging handle — implying that the charging handle won’t hurt the fingers of your help hand while firing the rifle.

While in fact a completely able to use both hands rifle, the charging handle should be changed from left to ideal for left-gave shooters. This is not difficult to do, however not precisely something you ought to do in the field.

In any case, the Tavor X95 available to be purchased highlights an Ambi fire selector; an Ambi magazine discharge, and a bolt discharge as far as possible toward the rear of the riffle open for righties and lefties.

Size and Limit
The Tavor X95 separates itself with the bullpup plan as a result of its smaller size while having a 16-inch barrel.

Assuming that you contrast it and the general length of an AR-15 with the stock fell and a barrel of 16.5 inches, that is around 32 inches. The Tavor X95 available to be purchased has a general length of only 26 inches.

For being a cutting edge 5.56 rifle, the Tavor X95 available to be purchased is a piece weighty tipping the scales at 7.8 pounds. Firing the Tavor X95 Rifle, the weight doesn’t feel terrible since it is even. The additional weight likewise helps absorb draw back a piece making it smooth and simple to shoot.

Long Stroke Gas Cylinder
The IWI X95 utilizes the long-stroke gas cylinder framework and this is the framework that you find in the M1 Garand and AK-47. This framework will add a load to the plan and this may be the justification for why the Tavor X95 is very nearly 8 pounds. In any case, the advantage of having a long-stroke gas cylinder is outrageous unwavering quality considerably over significant stretches of time and with a touch of cleaning.

Tavor X95 Stock
The stock is made of a hard, solid plastic that feels strong when you get the X95 Tavor. Assuming you purchase this rifle spic and span, it accompanies two turns so you can get your sling and use it immediately. Field stripping the IWI X95 is a breeze, no instruments or any such thing are required.

In a very H&K G3 feeling way, you have three pins that are keeping it all intact. The primary pin — you will push out and it will permit you to take the bolt out. The other two pins will permit you to take out the trigger gathering. Furthermore, indeed, getting the X95 Tavor is this simple. Different models in the Tavor family have a more modest buttstock made from steel rather than elastic.

Tavor X95 Handguard
The highest point of the rifle has a Picatinny rail where you can connect your optics and whatever other embellishments that you could require. A slick component that you probably won’t see is that you have stowed away coordinated iron sights in the Picatinny rail. You have three boards that accompany the Tavor X95 Rifle, and assuming you take them out, you can uncover the Picatinny rails on the 3, 6, and 9 situations for additional adornments.

The board at the 6 o’clock position incorporates a hand plug to forestall your hand to slip and being toward the front of the gag. One more gesture to simplicity of dismantling, you needn’t bother with an instrument to eliminate or introduce these boards, you can push the switch that is coordinated into the boards and slide them right off.

Separating Shots
The IWI Tavor X95 available to be purchased gives you a more limited bundle than some SBRs. The bullpup structure factor gives you an entire 16-inch barrel yet the ergonomics probably won’t be for everybody. In any case, customization and looks are heavenly. You will get some head-turns at the reach.

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