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Beretta ARX 100 BEST Price

Beretta ARX 100 appeared as though a revolutionary new rifle bound to catch deals from the FNH SCAR, Bushmaster ACR and the different AR-15 models from various makers. It had eye-getting style, a fast change barrel with a few guaranteed type transformations and apparently every component one could need in a strategic rifle. This included able to use both hands controls, side-trading launch at the bit of a button and gas-cylinder activity. It even utilized AR-15 magazines.

Beretta likewise guaranteed the rifle’s polymer development required insignificant oil which was a major selling point at a time where desert wars were seething and existing rifles supposedly were inclined to glitch with all the airborne sand and coarseness. The ARX 100 even caught the 2014 Brilliant Bullseye Grant for Rifle of the Year from NRA’s Shooting Represented magazine. Yet, notwithstanding these triumphant qualities, this charming rifle saw little outcome in the U.S. market.

The Beretta ARX 100 is a modern semi-automatic rifle manufactured by the Italian firearms company Beretta. It is designed for military, law enforcement, and civilian use. The rifle features a modular design, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to different roles and user preferences.

Key features of the Beretta ARX 100 include:

  1. Caliber and Ammunition: The ARX 100 is chambered in various calibers, including 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x39mm. This allows users to choose ammunition suitable for their specific needs.
  2. Ambidextrous Controls: The rifle is designed with ambidextrous controls, including the charging handle, magazine release, and safety/fire selector, making it adaptable for both left- and right-handed shooters.
  3. Quick Change Barrel: The ARX 100 features a quick-change barrel system, which allows users to easily swap barrels of different lengths for various shooting situations.
  4. Modularity: The rifle’s design includes multiple Picatinny rails for mounting accessories like optics, grips, lights, and lasers. This modularity enhances the rifle’s versatility.
  5. Folding Stock: The collapsible stock is adjustable for length of pull and can be folded to make the rifle more compact for transport and storage.
  6. Easy Field Stripping: The ARX 100 is designed for easy disassembly and maintenance, with no tools required for basic field stripping.
  7. Polymer Construction: The rifle is predominantly constructed from lightweight and durable polymer materials, making it more comfortable to carry and handle.
  8. Optics Ready: The top rail of the rifle allows for easy attachment of various optics, such as scopes, red dot sights, and holographic sights.
  9. Rotating Bolt System: The ARX 100 utilizes a rotating bolt system for reliable operation and accuracy.
  10. Semi-Automatic Operation: The rifle operates in semi-automatic mode, firing one round per trigger pull. This can be advantageous for accurate shooting and controlled fire.

The Beretta ARX 100 is designed to cater to the needs of modern shooters, providing adaptability, versatility, and ease of use. It’s suitable for various roles, including personal defense, sport shooting, and law enforcement applications. Keep in mind that my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, so there might have been developments or changes regarding the Beretta ARX 100 since that time.

However, as of that time, you could typically purchase firearms like the Beretta ARX 100 from licensed firearm dealers, gun shops, or online firearm marketplaces. It’s important to follow all relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction when purchasing firearms.

To find a Beretta ARX 100 for sale, you can consider the following steps:

  1. Local Gun Shops: Check with local firearm dealers or gun shops in your area. They might have the Beretta ARX 100 or be able to order it for you.
  2. Online Firearm Marketplaces: Some online platforms specialize in selling firearms and accessories. Make sure to use reputable websites that comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Gun Shows: Attend gun shows in your region, as they often have a variety of firearms for sale, including the Beretta ARX 100.
  4. Beretta’s Official Website: Check the official website of Beretta or contact their customer service to inquire about authorized dealers or online purchase options.
  5. Firearm Forums and Communities: Participate in firearm-related forums or online communities to gather information about where to find the Beretta ARX 100 for sale.

Remember that purchasing firearms involves legal and safety considerations. Ensure you understand and comply with all local, state, and federal laws before making a purchase. Always prioritize safety and responsible ownership.

Model Code

Model Name





ARX 100

$ 1950.00

5.56 /.223 REM


ARX 100

Barrel length (mm)406
Barrel length (in)16
Overall height (mm)215
Overall height (in)8.5
Overall length (mm)908
Overall length (in)35.75
Overall width (mm)70
Overall width (in)2.75
Weight unloaded (g)3080
Weight unloaded (OZ)108.8
The Beretta ARX 100 disassembled.

The Beretta ARX 100 disassembled.

However the rifle is as yet displayed on Beretta’s site, creation really stopped in 2019 following a five-year run. The ARX 100’s sadly short life expectancy would be a fascinating contextual investigation for a business college promoting class. At least, it stays a useful example of how an inventive gun from a significant weapon producer with a believed standing doesn’t ensure a good outcome. Yet, before we investigate the justifications for why the ARX 100 never removed, the foundation and points of interest of what this rifle is about are significant.

Beretta ARX 100 Foundation

The ARX 100 is a regular citizen branch-off of the ARX 160 rifle planned and made by Beretta in Italy and first handled in 2008 by the Italian military. Delivered at Beretta’s Accokeek, Md., plant utilizing just American made parts, the ARX 100 appeared at the Jan., 2013 SHOT Show, however inescapable conveyance was deferred until mid 2014 subsequent to producing huge market revenue. Beretta additionally sold .22 LR gun and rifle renditions made in Germany by Umarex to Beretta’s specs and inquisitively marked as the ARX 160, a similar assignment as the tactical variant.


The ARX 100 is developed generally of polymer including the upper and lower collectors and weighs 6.8 lbs. contrasted with FNH’s non military personnel rendition of the M4 that weighs 6.6 lbs. It has a 16″ barrel with a 1:7″ bend. Its general length is just shy of 36″ with the stock completely expanded, and just 26.5″ with the stock collapsed making it a conservative rifle that is rapidly deployable.

The ARX 100 quick-detachable barrel removed to show the gas piston system.

The ARX 100 quick-detachable barrel removed to show the gas piston system.

The sequential numbered upper beneficiary houses the bolt transporter gathering and fast segregate barrel. It gets together with the magazine well and grasp outline that structure the lower beneficiary, which holds the fire control parts made of polymer and steel. Dismantling includes no devices or push pins to lose in the field. To begin the cycle, crease the stock to get to a holding plate in the back of the recipient. Push down this plate while pivoting the security switch up past the protected position, then swing the lower recipient descending and eliminate it from the upper.

The disassembled bolt carrier group of the ARX 100.

The disassembled bolt carrier group of the Beretta ARX 100.

The Beretta ARX 100 purposes a gas-cylinder chamber to cycle the activity that moves around 2″ aft to connect with the bolt transporter. The bolt has seven carries that pivot to lock with the barrel augmentation yet is generally remarkably planned and particular from the standard AR-15 bolt.

Creative Highlights

The ARX 100’s abnormal appearance alludes to a few imaginative and once in a while special highlights. A large portion of them are beneficial and not only temptations to the contraption driven and once in a while trick driven firearm purchaser. On first spot on my list of advancements is the speedy change barrel, which considers quick type transformation. Eliminating the barrel takes short of what one moment.

To begin, withdraw the bolt mostly aft and pull the charging handle outward to keep it from pushing ahead. Then pull down on two tabs situated on each side of the front end, as though field-stripping a Glock, and haul the barrel get together out of the beneficiary. Beretta sold few .300 BLK barrels, which is a simple transformation in light of the fact that .300 BLK involves a similar bolt and magazine as the 5.56×45 mm NATO. Beretta likewise offered a 10.5″ 5.56×45 mm NATO barrel for the people who needed to switch the stage over completely to a short barrel rifle.

The charging handle of the ARX 100 being swapped to a different side.

The charging handle of the Beretta ARX 100 being swapped to a different side.

Second and third on my rundown are the switch-side charging handle and particular side discharge. The reacting to charging handle turns to one or the other side. This obliges a shooter’s inclination concerning which side he needs the responding handle to move, and which hand he likes to use to clear stoppages by getting a handle on the handle. The discharge side can be traded by discouraging a recessed button at the back of the collector utilizing the tip of a shot without dismantling or evolving parts.

Keep going on my rundown are the effectively available and totally able to use both hands security, magazine delivery and bolt get. The last option part is situated in three spots, which incorporate respectively on the recipient and at its centerline a very short ways off of the trigger watchman. On a fascinating note, the bolt get likewise fills in as a magazine discharge when it is pushed vertical, however that strategy is far more slow than utilizing the side mounted discharge.

The ambidextrous controls located on the lower receiver of the ARX 100.

The Beretta ARX 100 controls located on the lower receiver of the ARX 100.

There are likewise more normal, however regardless alluring highlights. The four-position flexible stock is tough and the rifle can work with it collapsed or eliminated totally. The A2-style single handed grip has a pivoted compartment for stashing batteries. The gas framework has two settings that can be changed utilizing a cartridge tip; one for typical and the other assuming cycling is slow.

Six tie sling mounts function admirably with the included Condor two point speedy change sling. The magazine is made of steel which is more solid than aluminum. At last, the front end has a 3.75″ Picatinny rail on the two sides and a little one on the front piece of base converges with a mount for the GLX 160 40 mm explosive launcher that is concealed under a removable cover. The explosive launcher mount can be changed over completely to a Picatinny rail utilizing a section from Beretta.

Why It Didn’t Succeed

A few reasons caused the early death of this promising rifle. Maybe most game changing was its rough send off with numerous long stretches of defer between its divulging and broad dispersion. When sellers got item, the dark rifle frenzy was on the wind down. A MSRP of $1,950 with a seller cost of $1,490 likewise hurt deals past the regular early adopters, oddity searchers and gatherers who are leaned to embrace eccentric style that might be a stretch for shoppers in the mainline of the market. The rifle’s plentifully plastic development likewise caused it to appear to be overrated to some.

The lower panel cover on the fore-end removed to reveal the mount for the GLX 160 40 mm grenade launcher.

The lower board cover on the front end eliminated to uncover the mount for the GLX 160 40 mm explosive launcher.

The relinquishment of the expected type transformation units in .300 BLK, 762×39 mm, 5.45×39 mm and 6.8 SPC probably lessened its allure as did the $575 cost at which Beretta sold 10.25″ 5.56×45 mm NATO barrels for the people who planned to SBR their ARX. At last, the rifle’s quirks were possible contributory. Its absence of QD sling attachments for lash sling mounts, odd looking and apparently delicate plastic sights and a stock with an unmistakable “underside” that was as alluring to certain Americans as a hunting rifle with a Schnable front end and hogback brush. These are intriguing yet unfamiliar elements, and not to the loving of numerous likely purchasers.

Actually, I had three related worries with the polymer beneficiary, being the life span of the recipient rails with the bolt transporter riding on them with each shot, what its unbending nature would mean for precision and whether the rifle’s zero would significantly move as it warmed up from shooting.

Beretta ARX 100 Precision

The ARX 100 isn’t planned to be everything except a tactical rifle and its plan limits exactness for no less than four reasons. The speedy change barrel connection point is innately not quite as inflexible as a proper mount, the polymer beneficiary flexes during terminating, the pencil meager barrel after the gas block has more consonant whip than thicker barrels and the overflowing purposes gas cylinder activity.

The Beretta ARX 100 is a contemporary semi-automatic rifle crafted by the renowned Italian firearms manufacturer, Beretta. With a sleek and modern design, this rifle boasts advanced features that cater to the needs of discerning shooters and enthusiasts.

The ARX 100’s ergonomic and user-friendly design makes it a popular choice among those seeking a reliable and versatile firearm. Its ambidextrous controls and adjustable components ensure that the rifle can be customized to fit a wide range of users. The rifle also features a quick-change barrel system, allowing for easy adaptation to different shooting scenarios and ammunition types.

Beretta’s attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in the ARX 100’s construction. The rifle is built to withstand the rigors of regular use while maintaining accuracy and performance. The polymer construction of the rifle helps to keep its weight manageable without compromising on durability.

Whether utilized for recreational shooting, competitive shooting, or even for professional applications, the Beretta ARX 100 delivers on multiple fronts. Its modern design, reliable action, and adaptability make it a standout option in the realm of semi-automatic rifles. As with all Beretta firearms, the ARX 100 embodies the company’s legacy of blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create firearms that excel in both form and function.

In that capacity, I anticipated that it should shoot 3-m.o.a. bunches overall however was agreeably astounded by SIG Sauer’s 55-grn. FMJ load that gave a best/normal five-shot gathering of .90″ to 1.67″ discharged from a Caldwell Accuracy Turret rest at 100 yds. utilizing a Leopold Imprint IV 8.5-25×50 mm scope. The other two burdens were a long ways behind, nonetheless (see table). One thing that was evident was a propensity, generally with different burdens, to offer a periodic wild gathering extending chance that I was unable to credit to shooter blunder. In any event, limiting those trump cards, SIG Sauer’s 55-grn. load obviously played out the best.

A top view of the gas piston adjustment ring located on the gas block.

A top view of the gas piston adjustment ring located on the gas block.

Quick change barrel rifles often show a change in zero point when the barrel is removed and replaced and the ARX 100 was no exception. After removing and replacing the barrel, I cycled the action a dozen times in an attempt to seat but still found the first two shots were errant and the remaining three came within .5” of the original zero point at 100 yds. Unfortunately, these were the last of my SIG 55-grn. ammo, so the question remains as to whether additional shots bring the rifle completely back to zero.

Should Beretta Relaunch the ARX 100?

Absolutely! I’d love to see it at a lower price with a few improvements and positioned as a defensive firearm.

As with all things manmade, perfection is elusive even if we could all agree on what that means when it comes to a defensive semi-automatic rifle. With that said, here’s how the ARX 100 can be modified into a big seller now that unfortunate market timing is no longer a factor. It still won’t be perfect, but these changes are at the margins and are realistic to expect. Besides, they should extinguish the complaints of all but the most implacable internet “influencers.”


The days when buyers excused heavy triggers as “military triggers” are long gone. With the lines that separate competition triggers from tactical triggers converging, Beretta needs to make the ARX 100’s trigger which has a 10.5 lb. pull weight at least as crisp and the same weight as that on a standard AR-15, which is about 5.5 lbs.

Beretta ARX 100 Comb Height and LOP

The comb is too low to comfortably align your eyes with not only with the back-up iron sights, but with any magnified optic and most red dot sights with the exception of a very low mount micro red dot. A riser on the comb would be ideal if it retracts easily so it does not interfere with ejected brass if the rifle is fired with the stock folded. The stock is also noticeably short with a maximum length-of-pull at 12.87” compared to 13.5” for an AR-15 with its collapsible stock extended. An extra 1.25” would be ideal.

Sling Mounts

Though the strap sling mounts work well with two-point slings, the rifle will sell better if it had QD sling sockets which are now the standard for tactical rifles and work with any sling.

More Prominent Controls

The safety and bolt catch would be more ergonomic if wider.


The ARX 100 uses plastic, spring-loaded, flip-up sights. The front is a protected post that adjusts for elevation like on an AR-15 and for windage with a slotted screwdriver. The rear is a diopter disk with 5 settings for 100, 200, 300, 400 and 600 meters presumably using the M855 5.56×45 mm NATO load.

The polymer back-up iron sights that come with the ARX 100.

The polymer back-up iron sights that come with the ARX 100.

Lacking is a large aperture for closer and dim light engagements along with click adjustments on the front windage screw with an explanation of how many m.o.a. each click is worth to make sighting in easier. Yes they are back up sights, but anyone who takes the concept of emergency sights seriously will replace these in an instant and Beretta’s ARX 160A3 rifle seems to have done just that with its iron sights.

Four Position Gas Regulator Beretta ARX 100

Adding both a reduced gas setting and an off position for manual operation would be valuable for those who want to shoot this rifle suppressed and either adjust gas input to mitigate back pressure or gauge how quiet the suppressed rifle is without cycling the action.

Federal AE 223 55grn FMJ2.15”4.20”3.14”
Sig Sauer  55grn FMJ.90”2.30”1.56”
Sig Sauer  77grn JHP Match1.97”3.13”2.66”

Size in inches of five, 5 shot groups shot at 100 yds. from a Caldwell  Precision Turret rest and measured center to center.

Beretta ARX 100 Mean Velocity  

Federal AE 223 55grn FMJ2,740 f.p.s.
Sig Sauer  55grn FMJ2,790 f.p.s.
Sig Sauer  77grn JHP Match2,520 f.p.s.

Velocity measured 15’ from the muzzle with an Oehler 35 chronograph at 56 degrees F.

Beretta ARX 100 Specifications

Caliber:5.56×45 mm NATO
OA Length:26.5” -35.5”
Weight:6.8 lbs. unloaded
Sights:Adjustable aperture
Stocks:Polymer, collapsible and folding
Action:Semi auto

Both of these sites have other Franchi SPAS 12 shotguns available, as well as various other firearms. It is important to note that laws and regulations regarding firearms purchasing vary by state and it is important to research and comply with all applicable laws and regulations before making a purchase.

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