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Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle

Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Action combines classic styling with modern engineering and top of the line components, for a rifle that is as beautiful as it is functional. The fancy-grade, oiled walnut stock has been carefully designed for a seamless fit between the shooter and rifle shop at www,

With a delicate palm-swell, slender forearm, and shadow-line cheek-piece, the Model 48 Heritage just feels right. A handsome, Heritage matte-black Cerakote all-weather finish compliments the dark wood grain, while fully protecting the metal-work from the elements. The Model 48 Heritage is for the shooter who desires all of the features expected in a contemporary hunting rifle, but with all of the tradition and warmth of a wood-stocked rifle.

Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle Features

  • Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Model 48 Custom Action
  • Stainless Match-Grade Barrel
  • Fancy Walnut Stock w/ 20 LPI Checkering
  • Glass Bedding
  • Hinged Floor-plate
  • 2-Position Rocker Safety
  • Crisp, Hand-Tuned Trigger Pull
  • Cerakote All-Weather Finish
  • Guaranteed M.O.A. Accuracy with prescribed Nosler Ammunition
  • Contoured to accept any standard 2-Piece scope base that would otherwise fit a Remington Model 700
  • Ruger M77 Hawkeye Left Hand .270 Win caliber rifle for sale.

Made In United States of America

warning-iconWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Specifications

Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle Product Information

Cartridge280 Ackley Improved
Action TypeBolt Action
Capacity4+1 Round
Weight7.75 Pound
Overall Length44.5 Inches
Barrel Length24 Inches
Barrel FinishGraphite
Threaded MuzzleNo
Frame MaterialSteel
Frame FinishGraphite
Barrel ContourMagnum
Stock TypeField
Stock MaterialWood
Stock ColorWalnut
Scope IncludedNo
Magazine StyleHinged Floorplate
Length of Pull13.5 Inches
Country of OriginUnited States of America
SafetyTwo Position
Included MountsNo
Nosler Model 48 Heritage

Nosler Model 48 Heritage Bolt-Action Rifle Review

Chambered in the hot 30 Nosler cartridge





June 12, 2017By Layne Simpson

The first three-shot group I fired at 100 yards with a Nosler rifle measured 0.383 inch – and I was not really trying to shoot a small group. On the next day we would be hunting pronghorn antelope on a huge ranch in New Mexico, not far from the NRA‘s Whittington Center. In addition to headquartering there, we had access to one of the rifle ranges, and I was checking zero.

That was 2004, and the Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt was Nosler’s first, the Custom, and it was chambered in .300 WSM. Long-action versions were eventually introduced, and after about six years of production, the Custom became the Model 48, which today is available in several configurations.

Like that first rifle I shot, the Heritage variant of the Model 48 featured in this report has a stock of black walnut. Unlike that first rifle, this one was chambered to the hot new .30 Nosler cartridge. More on this round in a bit.

The Model 48 production line already included two synthetic-stocked guns – the Liberty and the Outfitter – and the Heritage moniker for the newest addition is appropriate due to its wood stock, recalling the company’s earliest rifle efforts. The attractive satin finish pretty much fills all pores in the wood. This, along with a generous coat of finish on all inletting surfaces, discourages moisture content fluctuations in the stock.


Nosler Model 48 Heritage
The Model 48 action incorporates several Remington 700 features, such as the two-position safety, but it’s a flat-bottom design a la the Winchester 70.

Wood-to-metal fit is quite good, and the inletting is as clean and precise as you will see on any rifle short of a full-blown custom job. The fore-end has no contrasting wood cap up front and measures a trim 4.25 inches around its midsection.

Generous coverage of 18-line cut checkering is in a wraparound, point pattern. Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt coverage at the wrist is not as extensive but is nonetheless adequate. Grip circumference is 4.75 inches.

Nosler Model 48 Heritage Stock
The buttstock is in the American classic styling with a shadow-line cheek rest. Posts for quick-detach sling swivels are there, as is a 0.75-inch black rubber pad that does an excellent job of soaking up recoil.
Nosler Model 48 Heritage Bottom Metal
The bottom metal is steel and of two-piece design with two screws securing the trigger guard to the forward section. The hinged floorplate is the straddle-style, and the follower is copied from the Remington Model 700.

Also like the Model 700, the stainless steel magazine box has an interior length of 3.42 inches, which puts maximum overall Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt length at about 3.41 inches.

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Nosler Model 48 Heritage Bolt-Action Rifle Review
The Model 48 action incorporates several Remington 700 features, such as the two-position safety, but it's a flat-bottom design a la the Winchester 70.

The receiver rests atop two aluminum pillars, both encased in pads of synthetic bedding that add support to the receiver. Stock and barreled action are held together by a pair of Torx-head bolts.

In a world of cylindrical receivers, it is refreshing to see one with a flat bottom that reminds me of the Winchester Model 70. Also like the Model 70, the recoil lug is integral with the receiver rather than a separate part. Facets machined into both sides of the receiver reduce weight and add to the rifle’s classic appearance.

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Nosler M48 Heritage Rifle

By the Guns and Shooting Online StaffNosler M48 Heritage RifleIllustration courtesy of Nosler, Inc.

Having supplied premium bullets to reloaders since 1948, Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt, Inc. ( took their first step into the commercial rifle business with their Nosler Custom limited edition bolt action rifle in 2005. Two years later, Nosler introduced the Nosler Model 48 Custom Sporter rifle.

The Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt rifle line has been continuously expanded since 2005. In 2015 there are production (meaning not bespoke) M48 rifles in Heritage (walnut stock, 24 inch barrel), Patriot (composite stock, 24 inch barrel) and Outfitter (composite stock, 22 inch magnum contour barrel only) configurations. The list of calibers that can be ordered is extensive. Custom Rifles and Custom Rifle Packages with scopes are available by special order from a laundry list of options. Left handed actions are available.

However, these are not mass produced Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt and not all calibers and configurations are necessarily available “off the shelf.” For example, we requested a Heritage 9.3x62mm rifle in February 2015 and it was not completed and shipped until July.

All Nosler M48 rifles, whether classed as “production” or “custom,” are hand built at the Nosler plant in Bend, Oregon USA. Premium components are carefully assembled. They are designed and built to be simple, rugged, weather resistant and MOA accurate with available Nosler ammunition. All Nosler rifles must pass a stringent fit and function quality control inspection before they are shipped. Features common to all M48 Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt include:

  • One-piece bolt and handle
  • Match grade, hand-lapped barrels
  • Custom, three pound triggers
  • Custom, glass bedded actions and fully free floating barrels
  • Cerakote external metal finish
  • MOA accuracy guarantee with Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt factory loaded ammunition

The Heritage is the walnut stocked production version of the M48. It is offered in something like 19 short, standard and magnum calibers for 2015, ranging from .22-250 to 9.3x62mm. Heritage rifles are generally supplied with 24 inch barrels of sporter or magnum contour, depending on caliber. Following are the catalog specifications for our 9.3x62mm rifle:

  • Part number: 34248
  • Type: Push feed, bolt action repeater
  • Caliber: 9.3x62mm Mauser
  • Magazine capacity: 4
  • Metal finish: Matte graphite black Cerakote
  • Action: Long
  • Barrel contour: Magnum
  • Barrel length: 24 inches
  • Twist: 1-12 inches
  • Barrel material: Stainless steel
  • Sights: None; drilled and tapped for scope bases
  • Trigger pull: 3-4 pounds
  • Stock: Fancy grade walnut
  • Length of pull: 13.6 inches
  • Drop at comb: .625 inch
  • Drop at heel: .978 inch
  • Overall length: 44.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.75 pounds (empty)
  • Country of origin: USA
  • 2015 MSRP: $1895

As Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt states, their M48 was not intended to be a ground breaking action design. Rather, it was designed to be very strong, mechanically precise and to incorporate as many of the best features of existing bolt actions as possible.

The action and internal components are CNC machined, then blue printed and trued after heat treating. The locking lugs are hand lapped for precise lock-up and barrel alignment. Every M48 action is individually proof tested.

This is a push feed design that uses a bolt with two large, front locking lugs of the Mauser pattern. Bolt rotation is 90 degrees and cocks on opening. Nosler uses a guide rail slot in the right hand locking lug that, along with tight tolerances, minimizes bolt wobble.

A substantial extractor of the AR15 type at the front of the bolt gives a Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt bite on the case rim to yank cartridges or fired cases from the chamber. A plunger ejector in the fully recessed bolt face reliably kicks them clear of the action.

The bolt body is cast as one-piece (including the handle and knob), then CNC machined and heat treated. It incorporates shallow longitudinal fluting to reduce friction and binding during operation. A recessed bolt face fits into a counter-bored barrel. The bolt knob is checkered.

Should gas escape from a ruptured cartridge, there are three gas vents in the bottom of the bolt to direct it into the magazine well and away from the shooter. The steel bolt shroud is small, tidy and prevents escaping gas from flowing around the one-piece firing pin into the shooter’s face.

The flat bottomed receiver is machined from a steel Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt and incorporates a husky, integral recoil lug that precisely mates to a matching lug bedded in the stock. The barreled action is glass and pillar bedded. The receiver’s open top loading/ejection port makes cartridge handling easy.

The tops of the M48 receiver rings are contoured to accept all two-piece scope bases for Remington Model 700 rifles. Since the Remington 700 is the most common bolt action hunting rifle in the world, scope bases are easy to find.

The two-position, short throw, rocker safety at the Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt rear of the receiver is low and easy to operate. It does not lock the bolt to prevent inadvertent opening, but allows removing a chambered cartridge with the safety on.

The bolt release is a small, streamlined push button in the left rear of the receiver that is both unobtrusive and easy to use. It is one of the best of its kind. Once removed, the bolt can be disassembled by hand for cleaning, without using any tools. Just follow the simple instructions in the owner’s handbook.

The lightweight, aluminum, one-piece trigger guard/bottom metal incorporates a hinged magazine floor plate. The floor plate release is mounted externally in the front base of the trigger guard. The trigger guard itself is sculptured to be wide (for maximum protection) on the bottom and narrower at the front and back, an excellent design.

Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt rifles are supplied with a custom, hand tuned trigger. This trigger can be adjusted if the barreled action is removed from the stock, but Nosler maintains that only a Nosler technician should adjust the trigger. Our test rifle’s trigger released at a clean, crisp three pounds without excessive over-travel. Should you wish to remove the stock, unscrew the two T27 Torx screws from the bottom metal/trigger guard assembly.

Nosler literature states that the internal box magazine’s capacity is four standard size or three magnum cartridges in a staggered double column. However, we found it would actually hold five standard size cartridges (9.3x62mm in this case) and function perfectly.

The cartridges are easy to load; simply push them straight down into the magazine. Cartridge feeding from a loaded magazine is smooth and easy.

If the magazine is empty, a single cartridge can be loaded directly into the chamber and the bolt closed. Alternatively, a single cartridge can simply be dropped on top of the magazine follower and the bolt closed. This is convenient, as some rifle ranges require single loading.

The M48 is supplied with a hand-lapped, magnum contour, button rifled barrel. The muzzle of our test rifle terminates in a rounded field (or hunting) crown. Nosler uses custom (non-standard) barrel contours. Diameter at the muzzle of Nosler magnum contour barrels is specified as .650 inch.

A matte black Cerakote finish is applied to all external metal parts, including the barrel, receiver, bolt and bottom metal/trigger guard assembly. This is a dull, but very functional, finish. Cerakote is the hardest, most durable and water resistant gun metal finish available.

The M48 Heritage comes with a modern classic style walnut stock with a straight, fluted comb and a shadow line cheek piece. Thankfully, there are no unnecessary lines or weird angles in the design of this stock. The pistol grip has a comfortable, medium curve and a slight palm swell. While we generally dislike palm swells, this one correctly fit our medium size hands. The forend terminates smoothly and without fuss in a rounded tip.

The stock is commendably slender. It is plenty stiff and strong without being Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt, which improves the rifle’s handling and makes it comfortable to carry in the hands. To provide a secure grip there is attractive and functional 24 lpi borderless hand cut checkering in a generous three-panel point pattern.

The butt terminates in a black Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. There is no pistol grip cap, which is an oversight that should be corrected on a rifle in this price class. Detachable sling swivel studs are provided.

The wood to metal inletting is very good. We especially appreciate the tight forend channel for the free floating barrel. It is a pleasant change from the “soaring” barrels with unsightly gaps between the stock and barrel that are found on so many production rifles today. The barrel of the Nosler 48 is fully free floating, but the wood to metal gap is no greater than it needs to be.

The wood is described as fancy grade walnut. It is a medium color, straight grained walnut with subtle dark streaks. The stock is finished with an attractive, hand rubbed oil finish that satisfactorily fills the wood pores.

The Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt M48 Heritage is a first class, top quality, hunting rifle; smooth, strong, accurate and reliable in operation. It is about as good as this type of rifle can get and it has amassed an excellent reputation in the field.

A spring-loaded bolt release on the left side of the receiver bridge is both unobtrusive and easy to operate. All metal on the Heritage has a black Cerakote finish.

The bolt with its dual-opposed locking lugs has a body diameter of 0.685 inch. Lightly fluted, the body has three large openings positioned to vent propellant gas into the magazine in the event of a pierced primer or blown case. With the bolt closed, the root of its handle and the bolt sleeve partially block the rear of the bolt raceway.

The ejector is the spring-loaded plunger type with its business end protruding from the face of the bolt. The bolt face is counterbored although its wall is interrupted for the passage of a Sako-style extractor.

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Nosler, Inc. is an American manufacturing company based in Bend, Oregon, known for producing ammunition and handloading components and specializing in high-performance hollow-point and soft-point hunting bullets. The current companies also include subsidiaries Nosler Custom and Nosler Reloading. Nosler’s contributions to shooting sports include both polymer-tipped bullet designs and new manufacturing techniques used in their production.

Early history[edit]

John Amos Nosler was born on April 4, 1913, in Brawley, California. While hunting moose in British Columbia in 1946, while using his Winchester Model 70 chambered in .300 H&H Magnum, the bullets he was using failed to penetrate deeply enough to reach vital organs and kill the animal quickly.[1] At the time, most jacketed bullets employed a single copper alloy envelope (the jacket) around a single lead alloy core. The jacket on most military bullets was closed in front and opened at the base. These full metal jacket bullets offered good penetration, but often failed to expand and passed completely through an animal leaving a comparatively small wound. Soft-point hunting bullets like Nosler was using had the jacket applied in the opposite direction to completely cover the base, but open at the nose. These bullets would expand to leave a large wound channel, but sometimes broke into small pieces with inadequate momentum to overcome resistance of moving through bone or muscle tissue.

The experience inspired Nosler to develop a new bullet design, intended to expand readily at low impact velocities yet maintain integrity at high impact velocities (see terminal ballistics). These Nosler Partition bullets used a specially designed jacket enclosing two separate lead alloy cores.[1] The front core was open on the nose to expand easily, but expansion would stop at the partition (which was a solid layer of copper extending right across the bullet, not just the thin shell of copper which composed the jacket). The portion of the bullet behind the partition has the structural integrity of a full metal jacket bullet, but the expanded forward jacket leaves a larger wound channel. Bullets were originally manufactured for personal use, using hand made, lathe-turned jackets. In 1948 Nosler began to sell the partition bullets commercially, forming Nosler, Inc.[2]

Further innovations by Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt included new techniques of manufacturing bullet jackets that yielded more consistent expansion, better core bonding techniques to prevent separation of the lead core from the copper jacket, and the plastic Ballistic Tip (polymer nose cone) used to provide hollow point bullets a streamlined shape of boat tail Spitzer bullets.[1] The Nosler Ballistic Tip design has been copied by other manufacturers, such as the V-Max, ELD and A-Tip (aluminum tip) series bullets by Hornady. John Nosler sold the production facilities to his son in 1988, and died at his home in Bend, Oregon, on October 10, 2010.[1]

Company information[edit]

Today, Nosler makes a number of different hunting bullets for rifle, handgun, and muzzle-loaders. They also manufacture brass and sell loaded ammunition, and Nosler Custom has recently begun to sell limited edition and semi-custom hunting rifles. The original Partition design bullet still is the company’s flagship product. It has undergone many refinements over the years, but the basic design concept has remained unchanged.

Company news[edit]

Nosler experienced a massive explosion at their plant in Bend, Oregon, on June 2, 2010. No one was harmed in the blast.[3]

In February 2015, Nosler announced plans to expand their long-standing operations in Bend, Oregon to their neighboring city of Redmond, where the company purchased 60 acres of undeveloped land in December 2014. Construction of a 30,000 sq. ft. building is planned for completion in 2016 and will house Nosler’s growing ammunition and cartridge brass operations, including the manufacturing of their SSA by Nosler product line based on the company’s acquisition of Silver State Armory in 2013. The expansion is expected to add approximately 20 jobs in Central Oregon and will allow the original Bend plant to focus exclusively on bullet production.[4][5]

Company developments[edit]

In 2006 Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt announced its very first rifle offering, the Model 48 Trophy Grade.[6]

Nosler announced the company’s first proprietary cartridge, the 26 Nosler, as the world’s most powerful 6.5mm cartridge commercially available during SHOT Show in January 2014. In January 2015, Nosler introduced the company’s second cartridge, the 28 Nosler, a 7mm rifle cartridge based on the 26 Nosler case. Since their release, the 26 Nosler and 28 Nosler[7] have been known for high muzzle velocities and extremely flat trajectories. The parent case for both cartridges is based on the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum[8] case.

In October 2014, Nosler introduced Ballistic Tip Ammunition as the latest product offering in their factory loaded ammunition.[9] The ammunition is loaded exclusively with Nosler’s line of Ballistic Tip hunting bullets, a polymer-tipped projectile made popular by the company when introduced in 1984 as a premium choice for hunting medium-sized game such as deer, antelope and wild hogs.[10] The Ballistic Tip Ammunition line pairs the performance of the Ballistic Tip projectile with Nosler’s own component brass.

Late 2014 Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt revamped the Model 48 line. It did away with the Trophy Grade Rifle and replaced it with the Patriot Rifle. The new rifle has a Basix trigger and Bell and Carlson stock. For the most accuracy out of the Patriot, Nosler incorporated an aluminum bedding chassis into the aramid-fiber reinforced carbon fiber stock, and the barrel is free-floated. The Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt is a hand laid-up laminate that is elephant gray with black epoxy webbed over the surface. Which means it’s never going to warp or crack. The comb is straight with a pancake cheekpiece and a thick, solid pistol grip. The Patriot rifle chambered in .26 Nosler should be an effective hunting combination from the mountains to the prairies.[6]

Early 2016 Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt introduced its third cartridge the .30 Nosler.

October 2016 Nosler introduces a new line of Competition / Target Bullets – RDF Bullets[11]

October 2016 Nosler introduces the .33 Nosler[12]

January 2017 Nosler M48 Heritage Bolt introduced the .22 Nosler.

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