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HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz 2.75″ 500 rounds



HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz 2.75″ 500 rounds

HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge 1-1/8 oz 2.75″ 500 rounds online USA. Gauge:12Number of Rounds:500Shotgun Shell Length: 2 3/4 inMuzzle Velocity:1500 ft/sShotgun Shot Weight:1 1/8 ozShot Material:SteelPrimer Location:CenterfireCartridge Case Material:BrassCaliber:12 Gauge

HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge In Stock!!

The call came in, and I was off to Pierre, S.D., with a few cases of Hevi-Shot’s new Hevi-Steel, a less expensive alternative to the company’s tungsten-based loads. Tyson Keller of Banded had us in the layouts and on thousands of wintering Canadas near the Missouri River. They had stayed through some of the worst weather we had seen in years on the Dakota plains. Tyson had found a harvested cornfield, and the late-season honkers were feeding by the hundreds.

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HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge

I passed around the 1¼-ounce, BB and No. 2 steel shells and we waited on the geese. With two hours till sunset, the skies were barren. The birds had been heavily-pressured for months now, and on this final day of the season the deep freeze had finally broken. It was a balmy 45 degrees and not a breath of wind could be found. Warm air, cloudy skies and a full moon on the way meant this hunt could be a bust.

Best HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge and Price

HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 GaugeSuddenly, a large group came from the northeast, something flocks never seem to do in this area. Singles landed all over the spread before the main flock of seven put their flaps down. The five hunters to my right were shooting Hevi-Steel and not a single bird left the decoys on that side. Only one honker was crippled and had to be finished on the deck.

After the initial volley it was game on, and flocks began coming off the river and closing tight. The windless day brought birds in from every direction, so it was load-and-fire as geese landed in the massive 700-decoy spread. Daylight was burning fast, but geese were falling, hot empties were raining down into the layout blinds, and Hevi-Steel was making a grand entry onto the waterfowl shooting scene.



Three-inch HEVI-Shot HEVI-Steel 12 Gauge (1,500 fps) carries 90 pellets of BBs, and 156 pellets of No. 2s with a conventional wad. I tested the loads with a Dead Ringer choke and Remington 870. At 40 yards, the 2s averaged an 81 percent pattern and the BBs 79 percent. Switching over to a Browning BPS and Invector-Plus choke, the pattern percentage results were 61 for the 2s and 64 for the BBs.



Couple this shot data with the field results I saw on Canada geese, and it was evident Hevi-Steel passed the test. The best results came when I shot the fodder through Hevi-Shot’s own long range choke, recording 87 percent patterns inside a 30” circle at 40 yards. If you’re looking to put high payload density on waterfowl, this choke system is the right pick.


Why is HEVI-Shot so expensive?

It’s expensive because there are very few tungsten mines in the world, and this ultra-dense metal is a commodity coveted for making everything from competitive darts to turbine blades and rocket nozzles.

Why was HEVI metal discontinued?

But a recall in 2014 due to substandard wad performance—the wads were getting lodged in shotgun barrels after the shooter pulled the trigger—made some hunters leery of Hevi-Metal. If a wad is stuck in your barrel, and you don’t notice it, the next shot could severely damage the gun’s bore.

Who makes HEVI steel shotgun shells?

HEVI-Steel® shotgun shells from HEVI-Shot® use an innovated custom wad cup that keeps patterns tight to ensure maximum pellets strike your target. HEVI-Shot’s custom blended powders drive pellets at maximum speed to penetrate deep for quick kills.

Why are tungsten shotgun shells so expensive?

Materials such as tungsten super shot take time to make, and are quite expensive. Due to the increase in utilization, manufacturers are helping keep costs as low as possible, but a box of tungsten shot is still quite a bit more expensive than lead.
What is the heaviest metal shot?
Of these three shot materials, steel has the lightest density of 7.8 g/cc. Bismuth is next at 9.6 g/cc, and HEVI-Shot tungsten is the heaviest at 12 g/cc. HEVI-Shot also loads a full line of turkey-hunting ammo using Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) pellets which have a density of 18 g/cc.


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