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Franchi spas 12s for sale Online USA

spas 12s for sale are among the most distinguishable firearms around, and none may be as recognizable as the Franchi SPAS-12. Whether you know it from the Terminator or Jurassic Park movies or from pretty much any shooting game in the past thirty years, the SPAS-12 is one of the most well-known shotguns in the world. Originally, Franchi distributed the Spas-12 for military and law enforcement, but they eventually went on to offer it to civilian as a sporting weapon. Primarily designed for combat, it excelled as an anti-riot gun due to its rapid-fire, accessorizing ability, and capacity to fire non-lethal ammo available at
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spas 12s

Although the spas 12s is still used around the world by military and police, it didn’t last long as a civilian weapon. Although quite intimidating, the Franchi shotgun proved to be too awkward to be a practical hunting or competition shotgun. Furthermore, the United States eventually banned the Spas-12 as a result of its “militaristic” design. This blow to Franchi’s sales in addition to its limited market prompted them to end production of the spas 12s in 2000, ending its two-decade reign. However, its influence and notoriety carried on, especially after Franchi went on to craft the Spas-15, which we’ll get to later. In today’s Gunivore review, we’re going to be breaking down the historic Spas-12 and see how it became one of the most renowned shotguns in the world available at

Franchi franchi spas 12s for sale  Build & Construction

Although the Franchi Special Purpose franchi spas 12 for sale was offered in several configurations, its basic design is immediately noticeable. The first thing most people spot on these shotguns is their folded metal stock. However, Franchi also manufactured the spas 12s with detachable wooden and synthetic stocks. That being said, you could easily argue that the forend handguard that envelops most of the tube magazine, was its most distinguishing feature.
spas 12s Franchi SPAS-12 Tactical Shotgun — AirsoftEire
spas 12s

As a combat weapon primarily, the spas 12s was commonly fired from the hip. As a result, sights were optional and somewhat uncommon. However, users who preferred a standard sight system had the option of a rear aperture iron and front blade sights.
In one of their more unusual attempts at improving the Spas, Franchi offered a metal butt hook attached to the rear of the stock. They had hoped that this would boost its one-handed shooting ability, but it proved to be impractical considering the Spas’ heavy build and powerful recoil.

Magazines for the Franchi spas 12s Semi-Automatic

As a combat firearm, franchi spas 12s for sale wanted to offer several magazine extension tubes for a variety of tactical situations. Consequently, they manufactured 5, 6, 7, and 8 shell tubes for the Spas-12. Franchi also incorporated the not so common magazine cut-off feature on their shotguns as an added safety measure. The benefit to the mag cut-off is that it allows the shooter to unload the chamber and change loads without having to cycle a shell from the mag. This can be useful when hunting different animals or in riot situations when switching between lethal and non-lethal rounds.


Whether you know the spas 12s from Terminator, Jurassic Park, or the shotgun’s inclusion in countless video games over the last two decades, the Franchi spas 12s has become one of the world’s most famous gun models. Primarily designed as a close combat weapon for military and law enforcement use, the franchi spas 12 for sale large heat shield, metallic folding stock, and distinctive butt hook give the gun a unique profile that stands out in any firearms collection.

A spas 12s shotgun for sale this June at Rock Island Auction Company.

The Franchi franchi spas 12s for sale Semi-Shotgun

The spas 12s was manufactured in 1979 by the Italian company Luigi Franchias a special-purpose automatic shotgun. Franchi’s spas 12s design was inspired in part by the High Standard Model 10, an American-made 12 gauge semi-auto bullpup shotgun developed in the late 1950s to be either shoulder-fired or fired one-handed with the swiveling buttstock braced against the bicep of the shooting arm. Like its franchi spas 12 for sale successor, the intention was to provide law enforcement and Special Forces with a versatile tactical shotgun.

spas 12s High-Standard-Model-10-Series-A-Police-Shotgun
spas 12s

There are a number of Franchi spas 12s shotguns for sale online in the USA, both new and used[1]. One option is, which has a used Franchi SPAS 12 semi-automatic and pump-action shotgun for sale[2]. D4 Guns also has a Franchi SPAS 12 for sale, which is in great condition and is considered more desirable by collectors[3].

spas 12s Franchi SPAS-12 Tactical Shotgun — AirsoftEire
Franchi SPAS 12 shotguns available

Both of these sites have other Franchi SPAS 12 shotguns available, as well as various other firearms. It is important to note that laws and regulations regarding firearms purchasing vary by state and it is important to research and comply with all applicable laws and regulations before making a purchase.

One of the original shotguns to feature three inner barrels and the capability of firing three BB’s at once, the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 is still regarded as one of the best spring powered shotguns in the airsoft world.

Franchi SPAS 12 shotguns available Features:

  • High quality ABS polymer construction
  • Spring powered, no need for gas or batteries
  • Triple barrel design shoots 3 BB’s at a time
  • Metal barrel and magazine tube
  • Fixed metal sights
  • Capable of slam firing by holding the trigger and racking the action for fast follow up shots

Length: 800mm
Muzzle Velocity: 285 FPS (Measured w/ .20g BB)
Magazine: 30 BB’s
System: Spring
Hopup: Yes, Fixed
Package Includes: Shotgun, 1x Shotgun Shell, Loading Rod, Unjamming Rod, Manual

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui

spas 12s
spas 12s

I’ve just added some items back to the online store, not a ton but enough that I can keep up with.

I’d like to provide an explanation as to the year-long hiatus and the way things will have to work moving forward.

#1 – I love the spas 12s, and have since I was a kid. It’s been a dream of mine to have this project. I am eternally grateful to those who have helped make it happen and supported it either through content, parts, or even well-wishes.

Best Sales spas 12s Online

#2 – I do not ever like taking money for products I cannot ship immediately. Because of this belief, the reputation of this site cannot be tarnished by any accusations of misconduct and I intend to keep it that way. That said, it appears that my operating under such a belief has upset just as many folks, and I have received messages and emails degrading me and my character because people can’t buy parts for their guns.

Once I saw that I was getting too overwhelmed in my personal and professional life to get parts out in a timely manner, something had to give. I have a family to support and children to raise, on top of a great career that has it’s own time demands. My only option was to shut the store down, but leave the informational portions of the site up for people to continue to enjoy. If for some reason you feel this was a personal sleight to you, please seek help. To everyone who understands that this is the SPAS 12 Project and not the spas 12s Retirement Plan, I appreciate your understanding and wish you nothing but the best.

#3 – All inventory on the site is now going to be tracked, and only able to be purchased if that item is made and literally sitting on my shelf ready to ship. This will realistically cause delays. I am trying to implement an in-stock notification system that will alert you by email when something you want is available. It’s always going to be first-come first-serve.

Buy spas 12s From US

#4 – I would love to speak with anyone interested in purchasing the web store. It would be a fantastic source of extra income for any gun shop or small business owner. My main focus was always to create content for this page, the web store was an afterthought, but the demand exploded and all my Project time was dedicated to making parts and shipping orders. Recent (and coming) YouTube videos from big names in that space have only exacerbated this. I’d love to get back to creating content for the page. If this is something you’d like to *SERIOUSLY* discuss,

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Forward view of a SPAS-12 shotgun with stock folded.
Source: – © copyright lies with original owner





Entered service



In service




Italy – Franchi


1979 – 2000


Italy – Franchi

Unit cost

$ 1.500 in 2000

Number produced

About 37.000


Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun (original designation)
Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun (renamed in 1990)



The SPAS-12 is a shotgun of Italian origin. SPAS stands for Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, although from the very start it was designed for law enforcement and military use. Due to the distinct look resulting from the large heat shield and folding stock it has become an iconic firearm. It was replaced in production by the magazine fed SPAS-15 shotgun.


The SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic gas operated shotgun capable of pump-action operation as well. The pistol grip and pump-action slider are made of plastics with the rest of the weapon made out of metal. Normally a metal folding stock is fitted, with a wooden or plastic fixed stock as an alternative. A wide variety of muzzle attachments is available.


The SPAS-12 fires 12 ga shells with a length of 2.75 inch. Semi-automatic fire is possible with full power shells. The pump-action mechanism is to be used for low powered non-lethal shells. The tubular magazine under the barrel may hold 8 shells, but loading 7 rounds increases reliability.


The SPAS-12 was successful as a law enforcement shotgun. It was hardly adopted as a patrol shotgun, but was acquired by many special military and police units. The SPAS-12 was sold around the world, but mainly in Europe and the USA. In Europe and the USA it was also marketed as a civilian shotgun, but in most nations it was banned after a few years.



Two SPAS-12 that differ in barrel length and type of shoulder stock.
Source: Joguwa86 – © public domain

The SPAS-12 is a pump-action combat shotgun and the basis for several variants. The original SPAS-12 is the most common of all variants. Various different barrel lengths were available, with the exception of the short barrel version these were mainly for civilian use. The short barrel version was nicknamed SPAS-12 Shorty in the USA.

Few firearms in the world stir up nostalgia like the SPAS 12. Its menacing appearance cemented it as the go-to Hollywood scattergun in the ’80s and ’90s. It made so many memorable silver-screen appearances that modern videogame designers still choose to include it as a weapon option even two decades later — it’s an unmistakable icon.

Produced from 1979 to 2001, the SPAS took design cues originally from the Italian Police, but it ended up enjoying a small service history in the Egyptian military and saw sporadic use in some U.S. law enforcement agencies. 

Futuristic aesthetic aside, high costs, and a relatively confusing manual of arms made it a tough pick for professional use.


One of the most fascinating aspects of the SPAS 12 is its selectable modes of operation, allowing the SPAS 12 to function as both a semi-auto or pump shotgun. In typical operation, the SPAS is a piston-operated semi-automatic. 

However, with the click of a button on the underside of the gun, you can slide the handguard slightly rearward, freeing the handguard from the heat shield and binding it to the gas piston. 

Simultaneously, the handguard rotates a valve attached to the barrel, closing the gas ports and denying any gas from reaching the piston — presto, the SPAS is now a pump shotgun.

An auto/pump quick-change system was also utilized by Benelli for their M3 model.

But why? The SPAS was originally designed to be used by police and military, in a role where less-than-lethal rounds such as beanbag or pepper-ball rounds could be mission requirements. These specialty types of ammunition didn’t provide an adequate amount of oomph to cycle the large piston in semi-auto, so instead of going back to the drawing board, a pump operation was ham-fistedly designed into the gun. 

The biggest drawback to pump operation is that the action spring is still behind the piston, so when you shuck an empty shell you’re also pumping against the force of the action spring, making for a much more forceful effort than any traditional pump action. 

Make no mistake, the SPAS 12 isn’t a “pump or auto” shotgun, it’s really a semi-automatic action by design, with a fairly hokey additional feature of being able to be pumped in a pinch. If you buy one thinking of using it primarily as a pump gun, you’ll have a bad time.

The removable tail hook has become a valuable piece, fetching hundreds of dollars from collectors.

Speaking of specialty ammunition, the SPAS 12 has heavy roots in the early 1980s CAWS project — a military program seeking a do-it-all type platform that not only revolutionized the design of a shotgun, but also came with a full array of specialty ammunition, from armor-piercing rounds to explosives and flechettes.


The folding stock is another keynote of the SPAS 12’s striking aesthetic — an industrial-looking piece of folded steel that stowed on top of the gun, which you don’t unfold until you’ve spotted the velociraptor you’re stalking, as is tradition. 

This was listed as a requirement by the Italian police when they originally tested the SPAS 11, which used a more traditional semi-auto recoil assembly built into the stock. Due to this requirement, the action of the shotgun had to be entirely changed to allow for the folding stock. 

An Italian police officer fires a prototype SPAS 11 one-handed with the tail hook acting as a brace.

This created a new problem: the breech-block now slammed directly into the rear of the receiver. Take a hardened-steel breech block and slam it into a relatively thin aluminum receiver a few hundred times and you’ll have a recipe for disaster. 

To combat this, Franchi added a small hole to the rear of the receiver where they placed a small, replaceable rubber buffer to dampen the impact. Much to collectors’ dismay, these buffers all rotted away after several years and left the guns unsafe to shoot for many years, until the aftermarket provided replacements made out of appropriate materials like polyurethane.

One of the most unique features of the folding stock was the addition of the infamous SPAS 12 removable “hook” (Franchi called it an “arm rest”). The purpose of this hook is often argued about, but the true origin of the hook was so it could be folded off to one side and shot one-handed from the inside of a moving vehicle. 

The same officer demonstrating vehicle deployment of the SPAS utilizing the tail hook.

Interestingly, many people found this accessory to be silly and threw it away, making it a very valuable piece to have with a SPAS, fetching hundreds of dollars by themselves.


That brings us to the next unique part of the design — the lever safety, which was one of three safeties on the original version of the gun (in addition to a “quick” safety slide and a grip safety that was later removed and replaced by a rubber plug). 

It was added to the SPAS 12 to make it easier for gloved operators to manipulate the safety, as opposed to a small button. Much to Franchi’s dismay, these styles of safeties were all eventually subject to recall as they would wear to a point that caused the gun to fire when the safety lever was flipped. 

Crossbolt or “push button” safeties are exceptionally valuable among collectors.

The design was recalled and modified to accept a more traditional cross bolt safety; however, in a pre-internet age, word of the recall spread slowly and not everyone had it done. As such, there are still many lever-safety SPAS 12s in circulation.

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